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Ok .. how many hours of your life were wasted...ahem...invested in becoming the Worlds best Tecmo Bowl player?  Well, kids now are well aware of how to MINE for treasure on their ipads and home consoles.  If you remember the days of 8-Bit gaming then you will LOVE this t-shirt.  This is an "homage" to the videogames of yesteryear and given a modern 'CRAFT twist.  The graphics are beautifully RETRO and definitely a conversation piece.  I liked it much better when you could do every move with 2 buttons.  

 This is a MUST HAVE for any parent with a 5 - 15 year old.  No Question.  It is an 11 color specialty print and much cheaper than therapy.  C'mon .. your kids deserve it!


(also available in adult sizes)