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For the person that wants to give the greatest gift of all.  Insert a loved one into our Abbey Road style art!  Here are the steps:
A.  Take a picture of your loved one in the pose shown below against a light color background.  You can take the picture with any decent smart phone.  The subject has to be facing YOUR right.  It is best to have the person with their left foot forward and the left hand up making a #1 gesture with their hand.
B.  Take the picture and email it and the order # to us at  Include in your email the background you would like to use and the other 3 Boston Legends that you would like in the photo with the subject CUSTOM FAN FOTO ORDER.  Refer to the characters in our existing artwork with the same backgrounds and ONLY select from those characters/players.  You will receive the finished image back within 24 hours
C.  Download the final image, put it on a thumb drive and go to your local CVS or drug store and print out as many copies as you want.   You can even buy a very inexpensive frame from Michaels or AC Moore.  
Congratulations, you have just saved the day with a great customized item that is very thoughtful and special.  
*** due to the customized nature of this item, there are NO refunds or exchanges.  All sales are final
There is NO putting someone elses face on someone elses body.  The photo you send in is what will be inserted into our art.  It is important to get the photo correct.